Introducing the SwivelClip: Mini Light with a Huge Impact

Published on December 15, 2016

Don’t let its size fool you. This little light delivers super bright LED lighting in any situation. And its versatility and convenience is unmatched by other flashlight competitors.

The new SwivelClip has a swiveling light that can be angled wherever light is needed, plus a strong clip so that you can wear it and take it anywhere. It’s also rechargeable and plugs into a normal USB port – no batteries needed! With multiple light modes (flashlight, lantern and emergency flashing mode) it’s a must-have item for convenience and safety. The magnets also allow you to attach it to any metal surfaces – keep it on your fridge so you always know where it is!

The uses for this light are endless. Clip it onto your hat or shirt and take an evening jog, walk your dog, take out the trash or go get the mail. Keep it in your pocket or purse for when you are in a dark parking lot and use the emergency flashing mode to deter potential attackers and/or get attention from others if needed. Bring it on your next outdoor adventure, whether it be fishing, camping, hiking; its small and lightweight design is much more convenient than a headlamp or handheld flashlight!

SwivelClip Features:

  • Clip-on for hands-free convenience
  • Super bright LED lights that can be angled in different directions
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery – just take the cap off and plug it into any USB port
  • Magnetic
  • 3 light modes: flashlight, lantern, emergency flashing
  • Weather resistant
  • Lasts approximately 7-9 hours between charging

Everyone can benefit from the convenience and safety that the SwivelClip provides! Find it here or check us out on Facebook, where you can shop for SmartFlare products directly from our page!

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