This is the most unique and useful lighting device ever to fit in your pocket.  Its swiveling head includes 14 ultra bright LED lights (7 on each side) while a magnetic base allows attachment to metal surfaces.

LED Flashlight / Work Light Mode: The swiveling head allows light to be aimed right where you need to see, keeping your hands completely free. It’s a great LED work light!

Lantern Mode: Light is emitted from the front and the back.  Perfect to use as a camping lantern for illuminating a cabin, picnic table, fishing boat, or tent.

Flare Mode: Each side alternately flashes red and white LEDs. Use as emergency road flares to stay safe on the side of the road.

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Price is for a single SwivelProLED.  3 AAA Batteries not included. 

Check out a video review below from legendary auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer!


Reinventing portable lighting.

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Technical Specs

Length (folded down) 6.75 inches
Width (folded down) 2.85 inches
Height (folded down) .625 inches
Weight (with batteries) .27 lb
Batteries 3 X AAA
Battery Change Method Push tab to open
Low Battery Indication Progressively Dims
White LEDs 12 (6 on each side)
Red LEDs 2 (one on each side)
Single LED Brightness (White) 26 cd
Max Lumens 264 (both sides on)
Flashlight Angle (per side) 65 Degrees
Average Battery Life (depends on mode used) 17 hours
Base Material Silicone Rubber
Swiveling Head Material Poly-carbonate
Magnets Yes
Lanyard Clip Yes
Mode 1 Flashlight Front
Mode 2 Flashlight Back
Mode 3 Constant On Both Sides
Mode 4 Flashing On Both Sides

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